Friday, May 22, 2009

Got to get it out of my chest!

It has been almost 55 days since I last posted anything here. Looks like Earth Hour had a long lasting impact on me, so much so I did nothing. No excuses really, just not up to it after following the political news back home in Malaysia especially in the silver state of Perak.

With the new PM in place but the same old style of governing, nothing changes except that it makes me feel shy to be a Malaysian. Why? Just take a look at the action of the Police, the Judiciary and even the Royalties. No words can described how I feel on the sorry state of affairs in the political scene in Malaysia.

Incidently, I have no idea what is "1Malaysia, Performance Now" concept propagated by the PM... nice words but what I see is breaking the sanctity of the Malaysian constituition, please fill me in, I'm lost!

Just last week while watching TV on Indonesia's Presidential nomination, I can't help but envy my Indonesian counterparts cheering and clapping with 'sincerity and the emotional engagement' in front of the TV while SBY and Boediono was giving their speeches. It hit upon me then how far the democratic process in Indonesia has matured, in just 10 years, mind you as oppose to 52 years in Malaysia. And yet, we have morons in Malaysia shouting about race and what nought. I suppose this is the legacy of Tun M then.