Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Idul Fitri

A time to reflect on what we have, could have and should have done.

For now, have a good holiday and visit old and new friends alike for the Hari Raya open houses.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it only me?

Why is it that every time when I read the speeches/statements made by the PM, DPM and in fact the entire cabinet ministers and their deputies, it just makes me want to puke? It seems to me that it is only all talk without any substance, just like the standard answer from any Air Asia’s check-in counter staff when asked if there would be any flight delay upon checking in.

My guess is that after 50 years of unchallenged rule, systematic control on the flow of information and perhaps power play has moved them into their comfort zone so much so that they take the goodwill of the people for granted. This by-product must have led them to be what they are today despite the signs of change sweeping the entire country after the March election.

Still suffering from the denial syndrome? When will they ever LEARN to CHANGE along with time in order to stay relevant? I wonder.

This is just a random thought that crosses my mind on 916. Happy Malaysia Day.

Update at 6.47 p.m. Pick this up from theStar online just moments ago of what Zaid Ibrahim said “But I could not translate what I wanted to do, particularly on issues such as equal rights for everyone as stated in the Constitution. I think I have failed to convince those in authority and positions of power to effect those changes which will allow this Government to move forward.”

This insights from the man who tried to change from within among the people who walk in the corridors of power confirms that the current UMNO/BN government just CANNOT change.

I personally admire Zaid Ibrahim for his courage and principles. A man who can walk with dignity which is so lacking in the current administration.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Please spare me the red face, Mr. Minister.

It was a rather an eventful Saturday, in a sense for commenting on several blogs about the arrest or RPK, Tan Hoon Cheng and Theresa Kok in Malaysia in one swoop under the orders of the Minister of Home Affairs using the all powerful, all mighty ISA.

Further reading just wanna make me laugh out loud, puke, geram, gemas, stressful, emo and what have you based on the reasons given by the Minister to justify his action. Funny, how the hell did I get the feeling that nobody in the right frame of mind will ever agree with the minister!

Please lah Mr. Minister, I am trying to make a living overseas and don’t lah make me a laughing stock for being a Malaysian. Don’t lah, don’t be like that lah! Malu tau?