Friday, March 14, 2008

WANTED - Art Director

My SOHO brand communications agency is in search for fresh blood who can inject new creative juices flowing in our very flexible system. We don’t really have any hard and fast rules to follow neither do we look at the time or day as long as the work gets done, of course it has to be well crafted using the heart and not just for the sake of getting it done and over with.

More importantly, we would prefer a like-minded person who can easily adapt and is able to fit into the ‘homey’ environment and the people here. But you may want to know that we sometimes work the shit out of our brains like there is no tomorrow when dealing with pressing issues and timelines…just to share some of the more exciting moments.

Well, if you think you know what I am talking about and would like to check us out, do write to me or email to You know the drills, don’t you?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sayonara, AT-San

I was busy with work and also updating website on behalf of the MCJ EXCO and forgotten to say a word or two about AT Chuan. I must admit that due to personal reasons, I did not attend the wake and this article in my blog act as a sign of my last respect to AT Chuan who passed away peacefully on March 11, 2008 at about 12.20 p.m. in Jakarta.

As far as I can recall, AT is one of the very first few Malaysian whom I’ve met during my early days in Jakarta way back in 2000 and it was during one of the MCJ monthly gathering. Thanks to my lovely wife who insisted that I get myself registered at the Malaysian Embassy, otherwise, I would not have met so many Malaysian in Jakarta.

The very first time I met AT Chaun, he was warm and courteous and he certainly knew how to make a fellow countryman feel welcomed in a foreign land. I recalled how we spoke and he later introduced me to the other MCJ members who were present then. The rest is history.
8 years on, now you’re gone, may your soul rest in peace. (bow once, bow twice, bow three times)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Vote on 080308, I will

As I scrolled through the numerous websites and blogs over the last few days catching up on the latest election news in Bolehland before deciding who shall I vote for, boy oh boy, it was full of information, comments, news and what have you. For starters, I can be classified to fall into the typical “silent majority” Malaysian category who would once in every 5 years exercise the voting rights enshrined in the Malaysian constitution.

After having lived almost as long as Malaysia being an Independent country, I was never at all interested in politics neither do I care about who governs the country as long as there is peace, security, jobs, economic stability and all that has blue skies and everything nice. As it was then, the only source of news I got about the well-being of the country is through the main stream media. And guess what, I concluded that I have been systematically fed with information which I would call ‘biased journalism and editorial’ political brain-washing by those who walk in the corridors of power. How naïve of me, but then again, I reckon it was never too late to learn and move on. This lasted until the past 3 to 4 years or so when I started to get more information from the internet, both local and international sources, so that I can make a learned decision.

Come March 8, I am going to vote with an objective mind-set and with learned information to who can best addressed the issues facing the country and formulate actionable action plans to address the problems. Even though this is just my 1 vote, it is important to me as I am voting for my children (and their children too) for a better and brighter future in our beloved country, Malaysia.

1) Inflation, my hard earned money seems to be getting smaller and smaller with the rising prices of essential commodities, goods and services, like wise spiral cost of living
2) Corruption, Cronyism and Nepotism, I would want to see transparency, accountabilities and responsibilities of those who served as a public servants in the government. The roots to all evils begin here
3) Judiciary, I have no faith in the current system and I will vote for Judiciary Independence that does not “kow-tow” to the Executives
4) Security, I would want to have peace of mind when people closest to me can safely take a walk down the street. The crime rate now is at the highest ever in the history books. A total revamp of the Malaysian Police Force will be needed, those who really know how to protect and serve the public and not the political (note: I did not use PDRM, to me using the word “Di Raja” is an insult to our beloved Agung)
5) A big NO NO to racism and race based politics. Gone are the good old “muhibbah” days, but now, I see a lot of pretentious faces among Malaysians wherever I go
6) Real democracy, not for the one and only reason I am allowed to vote once in every five years or so as implied by some of the Ministers. What a shame!
7) Freedom of expression and religion enshrined in the constitution. We enjoyed this before the last 2 administrations took over the governance of the country. Look at what is happening today!
8) I am saying no to ISA, the authority of this act lies in the hand of just one man who can only abused, manipulate and oppressed
9) A total revamp of the EC, total transparency needed ensuring fair play

The list would have been longer, but this is what concerned me most for now. However, I am worried come voting day or the day after, it’s just a personal thought, will there be a racial disturbance in the making? I sincerely hope and pray my feeling is unfounded.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a shame, EC of Bolehland

Shock reversal: Indelible ink plan erased
Mar 4, 08 4:55pm
The Election Commission has cancelled the use of indelible ink for this general election, citing public order and security issues.The stunning announcement was made at a press conference in Putrajaya this afternoon - four days before polling.

Picking this news from, the reasons given by the EC is totally absurd and making me LOL. What a joke! If that is the case, then Indonesia will be in total chaos since indelible inks were used in their elections. The numbers of voters in Indonesia registered in the 100’s of millions as compared to Malaysia of less than 10 million. Does this mean that the Malaysian police cannot do their job? Smell fishy.

Monday, March 3, 2008

10 Commandments on Metro TV

Currently aired on Metro TV, this is one show that will definitely get the axed in Bolehland. Talking about religious tolerance and freedom of religion and practice, Bolehland can certainly learn a thing or two from Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

Not only Metro TV, other free-to-air TV stations does the same thing too. This is what I would call, Respect!

But make no mistake, I am never a religious person, just wondering.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

14th MCJ ADD – Over and done

The dinner and dance organized by MCJ for the Malaysian community in Jakarta held on March 01, 2008 is now over and done with. I must say that the response from the Malaysian and Indonesian companies, members and friends were great.

Despite the generosity of these people, it is sad to see that there were some 30 odd % of the sits empty and that’s obscenely wasteful. And, why is this so? Why sponsor and not make their presence felt? Or is it because of the so called ‘give face’ factor for the club or committee member who approaches them? I really do not have the answer to these questions and I guess it’s not worthy to find out either. For me, I tend to look at the core values of MCJ and the sincerity of what I can contribute as a member, the little that I can, in making Malaysian feel at home in a foreign land instead of bitching about it.

I must give full credit to Raja Elona for her passion and energy that went into orchestrating the entire play. It was certainly a very pleasant experience for me to have collaborated with her on this project. (well, I played a very small but stressful role and have to rope in my Indonesian colleagues and my office resources to help me out)

Now back to the dinner, it kick-off behind schedule, as usual lah, people turning up late, duh! Come-on people! The Chinese dinner prepared by the hotel was nothing much to shout about, meaning, I would rather fly to KL for dinner at home prepared by my lovely wife :) As a result, there were quite a number of people going for midnight snacks after the dinner.

The lion-dance act was a little too long for my liking while the Wushu performance was just so-so, but it was alright. The Second Born Band started off a little boring and not funny at all in their opening comedy act (I could not help myself but to text Raja Elona about it) but they managed to pull their act together towards the second half and at the end of their performance. I was very impressed by the vocal control demonstrated by the almost bald singer. The MC, both JC (American) and Lily Mooncake (Indonesian) did what they had to do best and they were cool, complementing each other on stage.

After the last lucky draw prizes for the air tickets were announced, the ballroom was almost deserted, typical of any other event of this nature. However, there were about 40 to 50 close knitted buddies and friends including Dato and Datin who stayed on to party to the music of the mega 80’s. Thanks to Bram of Trans Production who happily compiled the music and re-mixes the songs, burned in a CD for MCJ especially for this purpose. I must say that the dancing, laughing and the photo sessions is the real deal of the ADD as I opted to stay back this time, unlike the previous ADD, to have a feel of the aftermath.

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening.