Friday, April 30, 2010

Antics of the top men in blue of Malaysia (Updated with new link)

A 15 year old Malaysian Malay boy was shot in the back of the head by the Malaysian police and here is a take articulated by Lim Kit Siang " Cry “This is not Manchester or Los Angeles, this is bloody Malaysia” finds resonance in the country and reflects gravity of crisis of public confidence in police professionalism" who visited the bereaved family of the boy.

Now, read what the Malaysian top cop have to say about it  Star Online "Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan has hit out at those criticising the force over the death of 15-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah, saying he could call his men off the streets if that was what the people wanted" and it gets even more interesting on what he has to say.

How can a top cop issue such statements or even say such things? He sounded so childish akin to playing 'masak-masak' with the neighbor's little girl next door, now you know why the crime index in Malaysia is on the rise. God Bless Malaysia. I fear for the safety of my children in KL, Damn!

May 01, 2010 - Just read from mofasad and this is what the man in blue did not tell the public, mind you, this is a police report! Based on the earlier reports, there was another boy with Aminulrasyid in the car who managed to escape the police from the so called 'crime scene' and after some heavy police beating.

I am not trained in law neither am I a crime scene investigator. Nevertheless, common sense tells me that the way the police reacted to the case and statements made by the Selangor police chief and IGP are typical MO of another "push the blame" to the innocent.

So, when the law enforcer of the land abuses the power 'in the name of the law itself', what would happen to the law and order of a country? Man, this is scary!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Twitter and Metro Polda

Being a new Twitter user (although I've know about it when it was first launch), this is one follow that I will recommend for all road users in Jakarta @TMCPoldaMetro. The tweets are from Traffic Management Centre Direktorat Lalu Lintas Polda Metro Jaya Phone: 5276001/4 Fax: 5275090 email:

For this, thumbs up and a very positive step by the Police Traffic Management Center keeping the public informed of the latest traffic situation in Jakarta which is anything but jammed 'macet' at most time. The tweets come from all over Jakarta, be it, an accident, smooth traffic flow, breakdowns, bumper to bumper and the list goes on.

What strike me most happened just yesterday evening when there were some kind of public disorder in Slipi/Tomang area where some of the football fans were at their nuisance best on the streets and I was kept abreast with the latest news and happening following this tweet.

For once, kudos to the traffic cops.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In the book POSITIONING : The Battle for your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout there is a statement which I like most "Positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the MIND of the prospect"

How true the statement is. In the course of working with clients, many of us who are in the ad industry are often faced with some clients who are myopic in this thinking concept.

More often than ever, clients will generally go all out to to further develop their products, conduct all kinds of market research, develop new packaging designs and to some extend change the product itself with some cosmetic changes. Of course such measures may be good if the product or brand life cycle is on the decline that needed a big boost to hold on to market share but then again, marketers need to take into considerations the other aspects of the marketing spectrum.

Positioning is not just about creating nice words and tagline for the brand alone, it has to deliver the brand core and essence that is succinct, relevant and compelling to the targets. Any clever manufacturing of nice and bombastic words to define the brand will definitely turn to disaster for the brand.

More importantly, the positioning has to carry the brand truth where the manufacturer have to deliver what the brand promises in their communications campaign.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Do it vs. Just Du-it (Duit = Money)

This is an interesting take from an UMNO man Sakmongkol AK47 .  I personally view Dato Mohd Ariff Sabri is one the few UMNO man who makes a lot of sense in what he writes in his blog, perhaps one of the few no-nonsense gentlemen.

Now, the brand story of UMNO after the Hulu Selangor so called 'buy-election' have certainly implanted the new proposition into the minds of most Malaysian. "Just Du-it" has in fact sealed the perception that UMNO is all about money, forget about the welfare of the people who deserves help irrespective of race, religion and creed.

I believe this  brand proposition will spell the end of the RAHMAN prophecy in the history of Malaysia.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Only Wire - Bookmark & Share

Not a tech savvy person, I came across Only Wire which is an automated content & bookmark distribution tool and after following the simple instructions, I have the bookmark & share tool added to this blog.

What's so cool is that it is free and I have it on the top of my add gadgets column.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hanging on by muscle power, behind the outdoor media scene

The outdoor media in Indonesia is very robust and in almost every street and corner you take, one will be bombarded with hoardings in many different types, shapes and forms.

Behind it all, are the big boys in outdoor advertising, some are very professionally managed while some are very much left to be desired. Obviously, there are no data available on how much the outdoor business is worth in Indonesia. But, judging by the number of outdoor sites, it is definitely a HUGE business and the billings could probably ring to the tune of trillions in rupiah.

While driving along one of the main roads in Jakarta today, I can't help but notice the daredevils behind the scene captured by my Blackberry. No safety harness and total lack of safety protocol.

Way forward - Social Media

This is a very interesting research article by Nielsen and it is in the hope that all brand owners take note and to start embracing the new media. Most times, I've encountered much reluctance on their part and concluded that it is the lack of understanding of the social media scene.

Understanding the Value of a Social Media Impression                                                            

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Wish

I wish I knew
Why there are so many
Unsolved mysteries
In this world.

I wish I understood
The meaning of science,
The kind spirit of friends,
Or something among there.

I wish to know
What life is all about
Or maybe even
The mysteries that is us.

So may wishes that I have,
Yet none came true.
Oh, how I wish to know
The fact that I’m not alone.

© Amelia Ho, 2005

Friday, April 9, 2010

What have I been doing?

IT and the social media scene is moving so fast and it is a tough act to catch up, well at least for me :P.

Of late, I have been surfing the net trying to find answers to whatever questions that crosses my mind. In doing so, I have to admit that there is a certain lack of understanding on my part in some of the language and terms used, and that was a major setback. So, on I go forward and backwards looking for answers via google, wikis and the likes. And this takes up a lot of time!

While doing so, I find myself distracted to follow up on the news back home in Malaysia especially the political sites and blogs. The more I read, the more I get distracted by the 'sorry state of affairs' and the politics behind it all. In some instances, whenever I came across any good and credible articles, I will just link it to my Facebook page. This gives me a sense of "doing something", rightfully or otherwise to share an honest opinion.  I wonder how the country will be like for my children and their children, boy, that is a scary thought.

Oh work? Of course is business as usual. In fact, just signed on a new client on April 01. This is it for now.... and I hope that I can update my blog more frequently.....:)