Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a shame, EC of Bolehland

Shock reversal: Indelible ink plan erased
Mar 4, 08 4:55pm
The Election Commission has cancelled the use of indelible ink for this general election, citing public order and security issues.The stunning announcement was made at a press conference in Putrajaya this afternoon - four days before polling.

Picking this news from www.malaysiakini.com, the reasons given by the EC is totally absurd and making me LOL. What a joke! If that is the case, then Indonesia will be in total chaos since indelible inks were used in their elections. The numbers of voters in Indonesia registered in the 100’s of millions as compared to Malaysia of less than 10 million. Does this mean that the Malaysian police cannot do their job? Smell fishy.

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Alex said...

This fool retained his post after a constitutional amendment allowed him to stay for another one year.

I was watching the election results on Malaysian TV and he came on at about 1 am to announce that the Barisan Nasional had won a simple majority.

He was asked by a reporter how many seats the Opposition had won. His reply was "I don't know. It is not my job to announce how many seats the Opposition won. My job is to announce the Government won."

He obviously knows who his masters are...