Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome Home by Amelia

This is one poem my youngest daughter wrote for me back in 2001. It was early days when I came to Jakarta to pursue my career.


Dearest father, welcome home!
How nice it is whey you
Yes, you are back,

Dearest father,
You have a special place in…
My heart forever!!!
(Together with mum of course)

Dearest father,
What and where will
Yes, where will I be
Without you….

Without you,
There won’t be me
There won’t be amy
There will be only you & mum
Alone and sad….
Without children & a family
To love and care for….

Most fathers aren’t like you.
You work hard and care for
Yes, you care for your family.

The moment you left,
Emptiness fell in our hearts
So… we are happy that you are home
Even for a day or two
Our emptiness will not come so often
Thinking of the happy times
We’ve been together

Written especially for you by: Amelia Ho

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