Saturday, September 13, 2008

Please spare me the red face, Mr. Minister.

It was a rather an eventful Saturday, in a sense for commenting on several blogs about the arrest or RPK, Tan Hoon Cheng and Theresa Kok in Malaysia in one swoop under the orders of the Minister of Home Affairs using the all powerful, all mighty ISA.

Further reading just wanna make me laugh out loud, puke, geram, gemas, stressful, emo and what have you based on the reasons given by the Minister to justify his action. Funny, how the hell did I get the feeling that nobody in the right frame of mind will ever agree with the minister!

Please lah Mr. Minister, I am trying to make a living overseas and don’t lah make me a laughing stock for being a Malaysian. Don’t lah, don’t be like that lah! Malu tau?


Maverick SM said...


How's Jakarta? And how is your advertising business there/

Don't worry about things back home as we can be safely happy that we got stupid ministers and they help us to become more competitive by making theirs equal to themselves.

Enjoy reading your blog.

KongKor said...

Maverick SM,

Thanks for visiting. I blog for my personal pleasure and not for anything else, it's like my personal space on the web.

Business is good to me so far and thank you for asking.

Oh no, I am not worry at all, I do make my monthly migration to KL. Cheers