Monday, August 23, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim - CHANGE

I am most impressed with this speech from Zaid Ibrahim and became a fan of his the minute he walk his talk during his time in Pak Lah's administration.

As Malaysian, reading the political news and development in Malaysia is actually very energy consuming. So much so that after reading, one would feel a sense of helplessness without any recourse given the abuses, the absurdity of how the various law enforcement agencies handled law and order and silly statements made by the Ministers and politicians alike. Worst of all are the Little Napoleons and the civil servants who do not know where their places.

I've tried to reduce my various RSS feeds and have even told my Malaysian friends here in Jakarta that I might want to stop reading and follow the stories altogether save for my favorite being Malaysia Today. However, I was still drawn to it despite trying and I don't really know why. Perhaps it is the easy sharing tools available and my interest in social media.


Having said this, I suppose in order to effect CHANGE for a better Malaysia and a better tomorrow for ordinary folks like you and me, Malaysians must have the basic ingredients to change and that is the capabilities and willingness. This 2 basic words applies to all, from the people who cast their votes to the political parties and candidates selected as the people's representatives.

This is followed by what Zaid Ibrahim mentioned in the quote above, 25% of the parliament seats in the August house. Another key ingredients will be from the rural and kampungs folks in the Peninsula whereby 1 parliament ticket is allocated to constituencies with less than 20,000 voters.

And the most crucial ingredients comes from Malaysian Malays themselves. However one may cut the cake, there is no way Malaysian Chinese, Indians and the "Yang Lain Lain" (actually, I hate to use this term) can capture Putrajaya even they group together as 1unified unit, no two ways about this as seen in the many analysis done by RPK. Obviously, there are many more factors than this and if only Malaysia can find a true leader who has vision and is most inspiring in breaking all the differences, then Malaysians can stand tall and be proud.

With this, one can do is probably pray very hard for a better Malaysia for our future generations to come.

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