Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The reason by Amelia Ho

I post this in conjuction with Amelia having her new blog.

Written with the thought of a group of three orphans in mind [ with no specific reason ].

‘The tide waits for no man’, as they say

I stand by the ocean and


‘Why do these waves sound

The same…


So completely different from the ones I know?’

But no answer comes

And I figured…

If I keep falling into

The darkness of the sea…

…Why keep trying…?

Then a voice

‘Stop mopping, you silly!’

With a bob to my head

I look at them – one frowning

Reprimanding and the other

Grinning, amused

I smile again

‘It’s nothing,’ I hear myself reply

But at the same time

The latter that has yet to talk

Grinned, as if

Understanding my dilemma

And I realized…

My friends…

They are all I live for…


They are the one I keep trying for.

~ © Amelia, 3rd April, 2007.

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