Friday, June 20, 2008

How Green is Green? – Property in Indonesia

Have you ever wondered how true are the claims by the various property developers that their properties are green as claimed in their ads? Or, is it just because they plant a few trees here and there and hence it’s green? Or better still, get their in-house graphic designers or ad agencies to ‘touch-up’ on the images with more trees and using green color fonts for their headline and there you have it, it’s green. Hmm… I wonder!

From what I gather, all the talk of going green amongst the property developer started feverishly after the UNFCCC talk in Bali back in Dec 2007 on climate change.

So I wonder on. Is there any property developer in Indonesia taking up this initiative of building really green homes? How much will it cost to build such a home? Can a single green home stand alone or it need to be built in clusters? Will there be any takers for such a green home? Is there a standards set by the authorities to classify such a home? What about harvesting the wind and sun energy in a hybrid home system? And the question goes on and on.

So far, I failed to find any information pertaining to green homes in Indonesia. The nearest would be in Singapore followed by Australia and New Zealand. Even so, it is not widespread. Nevertheless, there are a lot more information and green initiatives in the US.

At the end of the day, I suppose it will be more of a business decision to make more profit than to go about in building green homes. Unless and of course, if there is demand for such green homes selling at a reasonable price.

Is there any property developer out there that can build really green homes in Indonesia?

“My strategic proposal to this effect has now been adopted by my client and it is with the hope that the proposal is taken in full and not just on a meet me halfway tune” David Ho

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Anonymous said...

actually, there is! a developer in Indonesia who see all of these with their green eyes.. unfortunately.. it is the competitor