Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Air Asia, Now everyone can be SCREWED, Part 2

Well folks, it happened again. Not only is the flight rescheduled to a later time, it was delayed for more than 2 damn hours.

My original booking was on February 23, 2008 as follows,

“QZ 7604 KUL-CGK, Fri 25 July 2008 Dep 18.10 hrs” Firstly, there was a SMS message on my mobile informing me about the flight re-schedule to 20.15. This was followed up by a phone call from one of the customer service of which the poor girl really got a piece of my mind so much so, she rudely slammed the phone on me. (I was not angry of her doing that, but relieved that I got the frustration off my chest). Anyway, I was at the airport early, checked-in, enquired and it was confirmed by the check-in staff at Soekarno Hatta that there is ‘no known delay’ yet.

Well, the rest is history. QZ 7604 finally took off after 2+ hours of agonizing wait. Although AirAisa served Hoka Hoka Bento, they do not even have the courtesy to announce over the PA the reason why the flight was delayed. No sense of public courtesy.

Of course my return flight on QZ 7603 on Mon, 28 July 2008, 9.50 hrs was re-timed as well. Nevertheless, I managed to change in advance to AK 952 departing at 7.00 am

The sad thing is that I have no choice in this instance but to fly since the tickets are been paid for. Are there any law savvy guys out there who can challenge AirAsia on their terms and conditions? Isn’t there a legal recourse for the passengers?

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