Friday, October 10, 2008

Real Idiots are proud of the ranking

Grabbed this image from "the Malaysian Bar" website and I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read what this 2 clowns have to say about the ranking of the Malaysian University. What is alarming is that it came from the Higher Education Minister and the Vice-Chancellor of UKM.

One said "So while we won't stop any of our universities from being evaluated, we must remember that their criteria is not exhaustive" and the other said "How do I feel? There's no feeling here," she told the New Straits Times. To her, the world ranking is just that; a ranking."

Now, I wonder which country and university where they send their own children to? Tell me how you feel when your own child came in No.1 from the bottom!

With such mentality of the people entrusted to do their jobs, now we know why the ranking of our local universities are very much left to be desired. Shame on these people, or there's no shame!

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