Friday, July 9, 2010

Great work from Publicis, Indonesia

This is one of the best work I've seen in Indonesia so far using the outdoor media. If I could vividly recall, there were so much brouhaha over the A-Mild billboard using glow-in-the-dark ink a few years back at Jl Asia Afrika. But this, I must say is compelling without having to even mention anything about the brand or product with no HARD SELL copy.

The idea is simple but most relevant with the product They are trying to sell. I suppose it takes a very convincing creative and account team to get the client to sign-off for the production. This is what I like most using the term "SIMPLICITY IN ADVERTISING"

Well done, Publicis.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Jakarta, Indonesia
Executive Creative Director: Randy Rinaldi
Creative Director: Roy Sagala
Art Director: Yohannes Chayadi / Eddu Enoary / Randy Rinaldi
Copywriter: Dono Yuniarto / Roy Sagala
Agency Producer: Ungky Widyoastono
Typographer: Yohannes Chayadi
Senior Account Director: Iwana Frederika
Country: Indonesia

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