Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not new but clever advertising

Although this execution is not new, but the idea of using it with a product and in this case a fixed deposit account, one can see movement and it is used in relations to the interest earn over time.
What better way to describe something visually that is fix, but the longer you stare, it moves slowly and gradually as depicted in the 3 print ads below.
Simple as it may seems, you have to put 1 and 1 together. And trust me, this is NOT easy. Some clients can appreciate simple and creative idea, but more often that ever, clients find it hard to accept after the concept idea have been presented due to it’s straight forwardness.

And in most cases, the client would debate on what seems to be a superb idea only to end up by rejecting the painstaking work at the end of the presentation. And to add insult to injury for the creative souls out there, some nasty clients will even say things like “even my 3 years old child can come out with this idea”.

Then again from the famous words of Ian Batey “when a good creative work cannot be sold, it boils down to just poor salesmanship on our part”.
“It’s fixed but it moves. Double Effect Diposit. A fixed rate of interest that goes up if interest rates do.”
Advertising Agency: TBWA\Barcelona, Spain
Creative Directors: Ramon Sala, Fer Garcia
Art Director: Fer GarcĂ­a
Copywriter: Ramon Sala
Illustrator: David Teixidor
Published: June 2010
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