Friday, July 11, 2008

Have you?

Have you seen the sky,
During the sunset or sunrise?

Have you done a crime,
Unforgivable yet nice?

Have you thought of and done,
Something stupid yet kind?

Have you even tried,
To find yourself some time?

Have you asked yourself,
What your plans are for today?

Have you wondered why,
The sun shines so bright?

Have you asked anyone,
About what they did?

Have you gone away,
And wished you had stayed?

Have you seen a ghost,
And wished you could help?

Have you read a story,
So beautiful but sad?

Have you taken your time,
When you knew you shouldn’t?

Have you thought about yourself,
And wondered what to do?

Have you seen the moon,
And said that it’s nice?

Well, did you?
Have you…?

Written by Amelia Ho

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