Saturday, July 5, 2008

Malaysian Politicians, STOP IT!

I have been following and reading the RSS feed on the latest development in Malaysia and the whole of this week is just CRAZY. And I wonder what's happening to my country with both side of BN and PR politicians having a field day slugging at each other just like what one would expect to watch the World Wrestling Ferderation match on TV, for now without the violence, YET!

Reading all the bulls, claims, accusations and what have you, I felt anger, frustration, cheated, fear and uncertainty, all at one go. Where am I to direct this bad energy and feeling of hopelessness to? All this is happening day in and day out with no end in sight.

It has been 4 months since the last election and it seems that the country is on an auto pilot mode moving in the wrong direction. And now with recession looming over our heads, I find my hard earned money shrinking as the days gone by and these politicians are still bickering over their positions, power and personal interest. What happened to the oath they made after their swearing in?

I am sick and tired of such stand-up political comedy act, it’s a big joke! And the world is laughing at Malaysia. It’s actually SINFUL. What I need are real politicians who can act and perform their duties without fear or favor in tackling the economic woes of the country. For all I care, do the politicking at your own time BUT not on mine. Stop all these nonsense and stand up to be counted, you damn bloody politicians!

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