Saturday, June 12, 2010

Unbeleiveable Sex - Myth or Truth?

It's just so weird, man marrying a cow, when I read this article here in The Jakarta Globe that urges me to share on my blog. This happened in Bali, the island of Gods.

The whole village was out in full force to witness the marriage ceremony where a18 year old was caught having a very unnatural sex act with the cow. The cow as a symbol in Hindu Bali is supposed to be a holy animal and is a big no for such act.

As it is, this is based on local customs, traditions and rituals of which I have the faintest idea. But in my many years in Indonesia, I've heard many stories about the 'super natural' in Bali of which to the western world might sound strange. Unbelievable? read on the clipped below and for the link.

Teenager Passes Out Marrying Cow He Had Sex With

A Balinese teenager caught in the act of intercourse with a cow passed out on Friday when he was forced to marry the animal in a ceremony witnessed by hundreds of curious onlookers.
As the Jakarta Globe reported earlier in the day, Ngurah Alit, 18, an unemployed youth from the seaside village of Yeh Embang in Jembrana, was caught stark naked positioned behind the cow in a rice paddy field.
In his defence, Alit admitted to the act of bestiality but claimed the cow, which he believed was a young and beautiful woman, had wooed him with flattering compliments.
As part of a Pecaruan ritual, a ceremony to cleanse the village of the unholy act of a man mating with a cow, Alit was forced to “marry” the animal.
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