Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Abused of authority, power or what?

Grab this from NST online today, Nov 11, 2008.

Is the Home Minister saying (Police work is police work) and that is to be brutal by charging and bashing upon innocent people?
Isn’t the police being disrespectful of the country and King when they moved in to disrupt and brutalized the people while singing the national anthem?

As far as I am concerned after watching the videos in youtube and photos in some of the blogs, the Home Minister, IGP and the state police chief can say whatever they want, in my books, they are guilty as hell! They are just like little boys playing ‘masak-masak’ with the little girls and can’t ‘own up' to their mistakes.

Now, can I really depend on the Malaysian Police to protect and serve ordinary folks like you and me?

Either way, the “rakyat rugi” big time with the current bunch of so-called man in blue. Sad but true!


Argus Eye said...

These guys are full of crap. During the Bar Council's Religious Conversion Forum, UMNO mobs gathered outside and even threatened to turned the forum into a chaotic one.

When a Chinese lady was elected into PKNS' top fold, the UMNO group re-emerged to protest against it.

No permits were applied for, and the cops were merely keeping the situation under control with no arrests although there were a lot of violence involved.

....and a group holding candles in a park singing Negaraku gets arrested.


ivan said...

police are just legalised preman.
anywhere in the world.