Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There goes my EPF savings

Damn, they are going to use the little money that I have left in my EPF for my retirement in a stock broking company. Why is the government toying around with my money? EPF itself has an investment team who has been doing a pretty decent job investing my money giving me between 5% to 8% yearly interest returns. I have no complaint about that.

But when the government is using my EPF money to put into some 'not transparent' company with the shareholders apparently owned by the government themselves, then I have a big problem.

If ValueCap is so good with their investments promising better returns, why take EPF money? take Petronas money lah. Being ignorant about stocks and investment, this deal certainly smells fishy.

Damn it!

If only I can withdraw all my EPF savings now, you bet, I will do so.

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