Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Old 1,200 square meter house selling for US15 million

It’s amazing, the house where the newly elect US President used to stay as a kid while in Indonesia was offered by several buyers for about US15 million, 5 times above the market price.

It was reported 6 months prior to the US election, there were several foreigners who are interested to buy the property on the condition that Barrack Obama wins the US presidential election. Amongst them are representatives for businessman in the US and Holland with the US Embassy in Indonesia joining in the bid 1 month before the US election was held as highlighted in Kompas.

However it was so unfortunate that the owner, Bapak Tata Aboe Bakar Soerono passed away just before the US election at the age of 78.

Till now, there wasn’t any news whether or not the deal was sealed or otherwise.

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