Friday, January 25, 2008

Just can't understand the copywriting

Just can't help it but to blog about this ad in Kompas on page 28 at the Metropolitan section today (Jan 25, 2008)

This is a half page full color ad that cost about Rp.150++million from a property project called "GRAND MATOA". Firstly the brand tagline 'The Genuine of South Jakarta Residence'. I was really scratching my head trying to figure out what the line is trying to say? Man! The tagline is supposed to do justice for the brand but in this case, it's the opposite.

Extracting word for word the headline and bodycopy of the ad :

Headline : "Discover the sophisticated things around...."

Bodycopy : "Grand Matoa, the private residence in South Jakarta that has been arranged seriously by taking friendly-environment into consideration. Besides the exclusive minimalist architecture, experience as well leisure time in your own home with a green haven surrounding you."

After trying very hard to make sense of what the ad is trying to say, I end up scratching my already bald head even further. What on earth is that all about? Perhaps, the only reason that I can think of is that the copy was done in Bahasa Indonesia and translated to English word for word. Well, my Bahasa Indonesia is not good at all but trying to read the copy in it gives me a rough idea but still, half baked. I supposed the main point here is to understand the idea behind the writing and then do the translation within the context.

Then again, this might not be a copywriter or an ad agency who created this ad but, the marketer of the property themsleves who are the wannabes of a creative person. Who knows, there are lots of them out there.

What a waste of good money.

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