Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Premier Lounge T2 Soekarno Hatta

With my ANZ platinum card, myself to make full use of the lounge FOC, Thanks ANZ despite having to pay the high renewal fee. Nevertheless, it was well worth it since I get to use this facility at least once a month, not to mention I can also get free 2 free drinks and snacks at Starbucks, only at Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta airport.

With about an hour and a half to spare before my flight, I thought might as well I blog about this. The Premier Lounge located at the far end of gate D had undergone some major renovation since the 4th quarter of 2007, if I am not mistaken, and I must admit that the modern minimalist decor is really a far cry from what the lounge used to be. Credits must be given to the management of the lounge to undertake such a massive uplifting for the place. It is now very well lit, nice combination of glass and wood panelling, a cool bar that serves soft drinks as well as some selected alcholic beverages. There were a few different sofa designs all in the shades of brown and beige. On the wall, they have several flat screen TVs. And the smoking room is now 1,000% better than the previous one with sofas and it is separated from the main lounge by a clear glass wall.

Right in the middle of the lounge is the food bar. Although it's just finger food, I must say that they have a lot of variety as everytime I am here, there seems to be new stuff. Also, they do serve some fried mee, at times fried rice and there is always 2 types of soups. Local soto and pumpkin soup today. They also have a rotating dispenser for the salads and desserts as well. My favorite is the coffee making machine, where I can just click on the button to make myself a warm cup of cappucino, what's more, there are 2 coffee making machines. Cool!

The whole place is wi-fi for internet connection and it's free too. For those who choose to travel light, just like me with just my backpack, they provide 8 PCs at the far end of the lounge (this is where I am blogging from now) neatly arranged 4 in a row facing each other with a translucent glass divider. Unfortunately, the speed is a little slow to my liking but then again it's free usage and internet connection. Can't complained though. The staff here are friendly too.

With such a set-up, I wouldn't mind the waiting time prior to boarding the plane. So, for those who like to cut it fine, to the very last minute, before leaving the office for the airport, the Premier Lounge might be the next best alternative.

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