Saturday, January 5, 2008

Overpaid Maid's Cooking

This morning my creative head decided to mossy to the office after spending some Rp20,000 at the wet market getting her ingredients to cook in the office. Well, she's at it again, messing up the kitchen preparing to cook for 4 people including herself.
It was not the first time she cooks in the office, but the first time in 2008. Nothing new as far as the dishes are concerned. Well...just tauhu and tempe goreng with bayam bening. As for the rice, we have to get the maid to go to the warteg to buy it. Oh...not forgeting, the superHOT sambal terasi.
Simple yet appetizing for some, tambah and tambah especially my brand if she has nothing else to eat.. :)
I did eat some of it, taste not bad actually!

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si kepala tiga said...

I'm not overpaid! You just dunno how to make a FULL of use of me (and my services!) ha..ha.. It's nice to cook for you guys!