Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SIMPLICITY in Advertising

Reference is made with this book >>The 22 Irrefutable Laws of Advertising<< All advertising practitional should have this book to at least, be used as a guide in maintaining some decency in their work. Better still, the clients and marketers in MarCom should also be reading it as well so as to have a better understanding in the thought processes of their Agency. Although the book has been in print and copyright @2004, the case studies put forth are as relevant today as it was then when these ideas were first used.

The word 'simplicity' is so simple yet it is so hard to digest and be accepted when ads are created based on its philosophy. Perhaps it is the fault of the creative and the brand team in the agency who fail to sell the idea to the client. Then again, it might be the client who thought the idea was too 'simple' and hence unacceptable. Obviously there are many more arguments to it than just meet the eyes but, it is essential to have a strong and compelling reason in order to be simple. It's just not that 'simple' afterall.

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