Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amazing, Exciting and Trilling race in Monaco

As Kongkor predicted earlier, it was indeed a very exciting Monaco GP in the Formula 1 world championship. Key highlights for this race,

• Vettel’s lap one overtaking Kubica from 3rd to 2nd place.

• Alonso’s superb overtaking of the Virgin and Lotus cars as well as a quick pit stop during the first safety-car period.

• Hulkenberg’s lost of control under the tunnel accident.

• Four safety-car period. Safety car on track until the very last lap 78.

• Spectacular accident involving the car of Chandhok from team HRT and Trulli from team Lotus.

• Schumacher’s overtaking of Alonso on the last lap after the safety car, still controversial for now until the stewards made a final decision.

• Mark Webber’s back-to-back P1 finished, the very first for this season by any driver.

What a race it has been, full of thrills, frills and spills. Next stop, Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix on May 30.

Check out the driver’s championship standings here.

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