Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cool Stuff coming soon for gamers

As usual, sharing some stuff which is cool. This article from Idris of idea couture is something that will probably take the gaming industry to next level.

I am personally not a gamer but from the look of it, the younger C generations will definitely pick this up fast once introduced. Gone are the days of Pacman (although google recently re-introduced it with free downloads).

I would like to add that as for the older generations above their 40's, the acceptance will be somewhat slower as pointed out by Idris,"hard core gamers finished a day at work and all they needed is a beer, sat down on a couch and pick up a controller to play a few hours. I don't think they like the idea of jumping around"

How will gaming turn out to be in the next few years? I guess the best insights and tips is to take a look at Hollywood sci-fi TVs shows and movies related to IT and Tech.
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Is Motion Gaming The Next Big Thing? Can Sony Make A Come Back?

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The video game industry have been reporting some slowing down and there is a shift in terms of top selling games, the list was been dominated by Wii and Xbox titles for a more than 18 months. Just last month, 4 of the top 10 were for the PS3 ( God of War III, the top seller, with 1.1 million units sold). This is good news for Sony. PS3 is not question a better built console, free network gaming and high performance. But at the time of launch it was an overkill.

Screen shot 2010-05-25 at 3.50.59 PM
Three years later, Sony will soon be showing off the PlayStation Move, a belated response to the Wii which was highly successful attracting non-consumers. Can they take advantage of what the Wii has started or they are going to take the idea further and beat Nintendo at their own game. Now the Wii trend is almost over.
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