Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Social Media Trend

The rapid growth pace of technology, the rapid growth rate of mobile apps and easy interface of APIs is set to change the way people interact, connect and share. There is no turning back in terms of technology advancement and at the rate it is going, it will be a matter of days newer platform will surface and be adopted. The question then lies in what we do, how we adopt and adapt and how this explosion will affect the practitioners and advocates. The future is mobile: anywhere, anyplace, anytime

Mind boggling for those who are starting to get a grip on what's happening, what more to those who are not connected at all.

Here's a take from one of my favorite sites, talking about social media which I find most useful for a late starter like me.

Social Media 2012 : 11 trends you should watch
"It’s easy to get caught up in today’s trends or even focus on the next six months. Some of 2009’s biggest trends included an increased emphasis on real-time search and information distribution, while distribution of marketing content in widgets and other pieces of portable content that worked across devices and social spaces also saw its stake rise. Plus, there were great improvements in social-media monitoring and analytics. And most notably, marketers finally acknowledged that social media was more than just a fad, with almost complete adoption by all major marketers"

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