Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kongkor migration - Updated after having second thoughts!

My earlier post below refers...and now I have second thoughts about deactivation of this blog. The reason was rather simple, a quick check with my Google Analytic (of which Kongkor started using them only on April 22) reveals some very interesting facts. In just 26 days after running analytic and Link Assitant, the results was encouraging from practically zero visit.

In terms of traffic source, the results are as equally encouraging,
1) Referring site - 43.68%
2) Direct traffic - 34.21%
3) Search engine - 21.93%

With these results in mind, Kongkor was a little myopic to have wrote the article about migrating to another platform and has decided to keep this blog. Having said this, Kongkor will continue to upload the articles of interest that uses "clip mark" for both blogs. Nevertheless, Kongkor will do some 'soul searching' on what this blog should stand for and hope that it doesn't take too long in the process amongst the other commitment in life.

My apologies to the 3 visitors today for having read about the aborted migration plan and my sincere appreciation to those who have been dropping by so far.

Over the past week, I have been busy setting up my blog in WordPress and have since exported all the post here over there. It is still early days and I am still toying with the themes and appearance. So, for newer post, please go to http://kongkor.com for the latest updates.

Meantime, this blog will still be here until the time is right for deactivation.

Thanks blogger.com

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