Monday, May 31, 2010

Red Bull blinked in the F1 Turkish GP

It was an interesting race indeed. Red Bull could have easily took the 1 and 2 position if not for their costly team rivalry which resulted not only in the lost of positions and points but more importantly team moral and spirit.

It was a blessing for Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button and with the 1 and 2 finished, McLaren Mercedes is now in the lead for the constructor's title with 172 points after 8 races. However, the title chase is not over just as yet as there are 11 more races to go.

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How did Sebastian Vettel suddenly get close enough to team mate Mark Webber to make the fateful move than destroyed their hopes of a one-two?
The interactive chart below shows how Vettel suddenly started lapping quicker than Webber in the minutes before the collision.
Rumours claim Red Bull instructed Vettel to turn up his engine shortly before the collision.
The damage to Vettel's right-rear tyre after the crash
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