Thursday, May 6, 2010

F1 - The European leg kicks off in Spain

This should be an interesting F1 weekend to watch. Prior to the 3 weeks break, the top teams have been busy preparing their cars with technical upgrades and much of it will be unfold from tomorrow during the official practice sessions.

Things may change very quickly comes Saturday for the qualifying rounds and whatever technical glitches the teams faced have to be immediately rectified and sorted as they line up at starting grid on Sunday.

Looking very much forward to Barcelona

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Spain Preview - who's taken the biggest step forward?

The world championship battle really starts this weekend as the Spanish Grand Prix signals the commencement of the European leg, if you believe Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso. As his national race celebrates its 40th running since 1951, the Spaniard lies third in the title chase with 49 points to McLaren’s Jenson Button’s 60 and Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg’s 50.
Alonso insists that the opening races just underlined the general trend of winter testing, but that from this race onwards the development race has really got underway. “In Europe it is time to show who is going to fight for the title and who isn’t,” he said at a recent press conference in Spain.

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