Sunday, May 2, 2010

A very powerful article that speaks on my behalf in Malaysia

Why is it after 53 years of independence in Malaysia, they are still debating on nationality?

I for one, when asked by my Indonesian friends about my nationality is very proud to say that I AM MALAYSIAN. 'Fortunately or unfortunately', I am born in an ethnic Chinese family (my father was born in Malaya while my mother who has since passed away came from China at a very young age) and I carry a Malaysian identity card and passport. This is enough for me to get all my legal working permits, travel visas and reporting documents for a foreigner to work in Indonesia and as such, this makes me a Malaysian citizens and not Chinese citizen. Simple as that.

Like it or not, with an ethnic Chinese DNA, I still do make an effort to understand the culture, wisdom and teachings on the Chinese philosophy and way of life. Having said so, I will take and practice what is good and discard what is deemed to have clash with my principles. As a citizen, I take it upon myself to learn and acquire the necessary knowledge of the other ethnic races in Malaysia so as to live with my neighbors harmoniously and not to show any disrespect. In my mind, the question of nationality and loyalty to the country is a non issue, unlike some of the politicians who kept harping on it like an old trumpet.

What then is all the fuss about in Malaysia as advocated by some of the politicians (and recently the author from Utusan Malaysia newspaper) whether or not I am grateful or otherwise? My advise to all those racist politicians is to INTROSPECT and as the Indonesian will say "Ngaca donk!" and "Jangan bagai katak dalam tempurung".

From Free Malaysia Today, an article by Kee Thuan Chye prompted me to penned the above thoughts and hopefully get the message to those who are still debating on such issues.

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